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SASPA Member Publications

Meghna Sabharwal

  • Imran Hameed, Muhammad Umer Ijaz and Meghna Sabharwal. 2021. “The Impact of Human Resources Environment and Organizational Identification on Employees’ Psychological Well-being.” Public Personnel Management.

  • Charlene L. Roach, Meghna Sabharwal, Romeo Abraham*, and Wayne-Charles- Soverall. 2021. “Does the Public Service Motivation Model hold in the Caribbean” Review of Public Personnel Administration.

  • Jeannine E. Relly, Fazle Rabbi*, Meghna Sabharwal, Rajdeep Pakanati, and Ethan Schwalbe. 2020. “A decade into making: Study of implementation of India's Right to Information Act.” World Development.


Pooja Paswan - Published in PA Times


Prajapati Trivedi

  • Trivedi, P. (2020). India’s Response to Coronavirus Pandemic: Nine Lessons for Effective Public Management. The American Review of Public Administration, 50(6-7), 725-728.


Nandhini Rangarajan

  • Ancira, J., Rangarajan, N., & Shields, P. (2021). Bridging the academic-practitioner divide: Findings from a survey of public administration faculty and practitioners. Journal of Public Affairs Education, 1-21.


Sanjay K Pandey

  • de Geus, C. J., Ingrams, A., Tummers, L., & Pandey, S. K. (2020). Organizational citizenship behavior in the public sector: A systematic literature review and future research agenda. Public Administration Review, 80(2), 259-270.


Aroon Manoharan

  • Ingrams, A., Manoharan, A., Schmidthuber, L., & Holzer, M. (2020). Stages and determinants of e-government development: a twelve-year longitudinal study of global cities. International Public Management Journal, 23(6), 731-769.

  • Manoharan, A. P., Ingrams, A., Kang, D., & Zhao, H. (2020). Globalization and worldwide best practices in E-Government. International Journal of Public Administration, 1-12.


Sabith Khan


Imane Hijal-Moghrabi

  • Hijal-Moghrabi, Imane. (2020). Budgeters’ Perceptions of the Scope, Support, and Patterns of Implementation of Performance Budgeting in Texas Cities. Public Administration Quarterly, 45(1), 79-104.

  • Hijal Moghrabi, Imane, Sabharwal, Meghna, & Ramanathan, Kannan. (2020). “Innovation in Public Organizations? Do Government Reforms Matter”. International Journal of Public Sector Management, 33(6/7),731-749.

  • Suh, Jiwon & Hijal-Moghrabi, Imane. (2021). “The Effects of Fairness on Female Managers' Perception of Career Prospects and Job Satisfaction: A Study across Sectors." International Journal of Public Administration.

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